Your Local Area

Your Local Area

Your information is used by health and care staff involved in your care across the Thames Valley and Surrey region. To find the local care record in your area, click on the relevant link below:

Surrey Heartlands & East Surrey
Please note, the Surrey Care Record is currently being revised to ensure accuracy of information to patients and the public.

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) supports patient care by GPs and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Oxfordshire.

My Care Record allows your patient record to be shared between clinicians and other professionals directly involved in your care in Buckinghamshire.

Frimley & Berkshire West
Share Your Care enables instant, secure access to patient and social care records for participating care organisations across Berkshire and Frimley.
Information sharing in your local area - View the privacy notices below

Website currently unavailable for HIE.

Website currently unavailable for My Care Record.

Information on local care records in the Milton Keynes area will be available soon.