The Advisory Groups

The Ethics and Engagement Advisory Group

The Ethics and Engagement Advisory Group is chaired by Dr Graham Jackson, Chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners. It supports the work of the TVS Care Records Partnership by:

  • Supporting transparency around the purpose of, and processes for data sharing to maintain public trust in the systems of care.
  • Acting as a forum for discussion across the systems involved in the partnership to support coordination of action in involvement and engagement.
  • Supporting and sharing best approaches to involvement and co-production with patients and the public, clinicians and practitioners.
  • Promoting best communication methods, including consideration of the voice and needs of seldom heard communities.
  • Advising on approaches to secondary use of data such as access to data – who, what and when.

Membership of the group is drawn from across the TVS area and comprises 50% members representing the population and 50% members representing health and care staff. This includes social care, primary and secondary care clinicians, local authority, junior staff, research, ethics, allied health professionals, information governance, Healthwatch and seldom heard groups of the population.

The Health and Care Professionals Group

Successful delivery of the TVS Care Records requires the support and engagement of its professional members. The Health and Care Professionals Group allows greater clinical involvement in the programme with a core group of advisers who can provide insight and leadership across different health and care professions and geographical areas – including representation of primary care, hospital care, mental health, social care, allied health professionals, pharmacists, midwives, nurses, doctors and trainees.

Federated Data Controllers and Information Governance Group

As we go live with the TVS Care Records, the Information Governance (IG) group is morphing into the Federated Data Controllers group The group will maintain the set of TVS IG policies, ensuring consistency with local IG groups, but also will ensure TVS processes, such as assurance that new organisations (and existing ones) within the TVS area are fit for purpose and consistent with partner areas.